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Property Management is one of the most difficult businesses within the real estate industry. Managing the relationship between owner and tenant can be not only challenging but stressful.

As an Investor, you have city registration requirements, property repairs & maintenance, tenant placement, not to mention the overall day to day duties that come with managing your investments. 

When it comes to tenants, finding a landlord that will communicate efficiently while also being responsive to repair concerns and other issues are unfortunately rare.


At Priority One, we understand the obstacles Investors face, while empathizing with the concerns of our tenants, which is why we strive to "SET THE STANDARD" in the property management industry.



As an Investor, one of the biggest decisions you will make is choosing the right company to manage your real estate portfolio.  The wrong decision can be the difference between a positive or negative return on your investment. 


At Priority One, we treat your investment as if it were our own. Whatever the situation may be, we are highly experienced in resolving a variety of issues pertaining to property management. We are a systematic company that thrives on organization. From city inspections, tenant placement, property repair & maintenance, we have processes in place to handle all of your management needs. This allows us to offer our owners an efficient yet cost effective management solution that will yield them positive returns.

No matter the size of the portfolio, Priority One Property Management is positioned to successfully manage your real estate investments.

Lets face it, I'm sure you have recently experienced or heard of a  horror story regarding a tenant and landlord situation. From "slum lords" to inefficient management companies, renting a property can be a frightening experience.


At Priority One, we believe that renting a home should be a peaceful and enjoyable experience. We are dedicated to providing our tenants with the best when in comes to property rentals, maintenance and customer service.

"SETTING THE STANDARD" means that we pay attention to the details. We respond quickly to maintenance requests, communicate efficiently with our tenants and work proactively to ensure your rental experience with us is a pleasant one. 



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