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As a real estate investor, property management serves as the foundation for assuring that your investment(s) achieves the return you expect.  No matter what, at times there are going to be issues that arise that are out of your control. Navigating through those obstacles can make the difference between a positive and negative return on your investment. The goal is to minimize the amount of unexpected issues which can be critical to your bottom line.


Priority One Property Management treats your investment as if it were our own. We are a highly experienced company that understands what it takes to manage a property effectively.  From city inspection guidelines, tenant placement , property repair, accounting, and daily duties of property management, we alleviate the burden of our Investors by providing them an efficient yet cost effective management solution that not only focuses on their rate of return but also protecting their investment(s).  


Please find below some of the services we provide for our owner/investors:


No matter the case, property transfer/retention should never be a hassle. WE strive to make the retention process for your property seamless no matter what the situation may be.

We are experienced in a variety of property acquisition and re-acquisition techniques to resolve a variety of issues.  


Once you become a client of Priority One, you will no longer have to worry about the stresses that come with your portfolio's management!


Property rehabilitation and maintenance is one of the most important factors in finding the right property management company. In most cases they can be the difference between a positive and a negative return on investment.

This is what differentiates us from the competition.

 Because of our in house partners,we are able to  provide exceptional, cost-effective, quality rehabilitation, renovation, and rapid response maintenance options for our owners.


One of thee most important aspects about property management when it comes to rental property are city certifications called "Certificates of Occupancy". No matter the location, if you are leasing your property, it will have to be city certified. 

Priority One takes city certifications seriously. Because we are highly experienced in the city certification's, we are able to streamline this process for our owners so that they are able to receive their certificate of occupancy therefore fully complying with their property's city guidelines. 


Tenant screening is a another MAJOR factor in experiencing property rental success. Our screening process is exceptional! Why?

We build relationships with our tenants, so not only are you receiving a well qualified tenant but hopefully a long term one as well. 

"Tenant Placement Guarantee"!
We guarantee the tenant placed in your property will will remain in the property for the first 6 months of the lease or the next tenant placement fee is waived! 

Rent collection is imperative to assuring the cash flow of the property you have invested in is consistent. Our rent collection and accounting strategies are always up to date and transparent.

Through Propertyware, our owners are able access their owner portal to view their account balances, view documents, approve work orders and much much more. You will have reassurance knowing every detail from your property's management is at your fingertips.


Although you never want to go through legal issues or evictions, in property management, it is almost inevitable.


The question is, are you prepared if that situation is to arise?


Priority One has a team in place to make ensure that the tenant eviction process runs as smooth as possible no matter the circumstance.

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