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NBC PROPERTIES LLC , is a Utah based Real Estate company that’s been in business for the past 15+ years. They are active in all aspects of real estate including residential buy & hold strategies, fix and flip investments and land development. NBC Properties prides themselves on honesty, only saying what they can do and doing what they say. They also hold themselves to a higher standard than most in regards to providing quality investment solutions. 


Land development requires working with land owners, city officials, engineers, surveyors and builders to take raw land through the process of obtaining a final Milar. NBC Properties has assimilated, developed and sold over 80 residential lots. 


 Most recently, NBC Properties has been primarily focused on residential rentals in key markets that are still undervalued, allowing for higher than average returns. That focus has shifted to the metro Detroit area where there is still opportunity. Over the last 15 years they have bought, fixed and sold over 500 residential properties in Utah, Washington, Indianapolis and the Metro Detroit area.

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