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One of the main issues tenants have with management companies, landlords, and owners is property maintenance and communication. Tenants want to know that their voice is being heard when it comes to customer service and maintaining the condition of their rental while occupying the property. If tenants do not feel heard, many issues can present themselves that could have been avoided if they were rectified immediately. Many landlords and management companies fail because they do not have the proper systems, processes and staff in place to properly manage their rental, thus many tenant complaints and/or requests are delayed, and in many cases, go unresolved.


Priority One understands how imperative it is for tenant issues to not only be resolved, but resolved efficiently and expediently. We strive to  "Set The Standard" for our tenants, by providing them quality rentals, exceptional customer service and an outstanding rental experience.


If you are a tenant of Priority One, you will know that you are priority number one!   


Transparency is a major factor in establishing a solid relationship with our tenants. Through Propertyware, our tenants are given access to their tenant portal. This portal allows tenants to view and submit work orders, communicate with the leasing office, view balances and documents, renew your lease,make rent payments and much much more. 


We utilize technology to streamline the tenant rental experience. This allows us to resolve issues quicker while still maintaining effective communication with our tenants.


Even though we would love all of tenants to stay in our properties for years, the main objective of our tenants should be "home ownership"


Through our partners, we are able to educate our current tenants on steps to make in order to achieve home ownership.

From credit evaluations, to mortgage education and down payment assistance, we are able assist our tenants achieve the "American Dream".   

Moving is a hassle regardless. Our mission is to make it as painless as possible. We accomplish this first off, by making sure our tenants move into a rental that has been properly inspected prior to move in. Secondly, we hold not only ourselves but also our owners/investors to a high standard when it comes to the repair and maintenance of their properties in regards to our tenants.

Our goal is that when you move into a Priority One property, that you will be satisfied from start to finish. 


As we said above, the majority of issues that arise in rental properties are repairs and maintenance. When issues go unresolved, it can make your rental experience a negative one and in some cases you are forced to vacate. 

WE go above and beyond to ensure that our tenants know we hear their concerns and are focused on resolving those issues.


As a tenant of Priority One, you will be at ease knowing your maintenance request will be handled promptly and efficiently.

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