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City Inspection Process

Every rental property is required to obtain a "Certificate of Occupancy" in the city it resides. "Certificate of Occupancy" means the owner of the property must have it certified by the city as "safe" to rent to tenants. Once the property is certified by the city, it must be re-certified in the time period designated by each city (usually one-five years).  Failure to obtain the city certification WILL result in the owner receiving fines, court costs and citations by the city. This could ultimately result in you having to vacate the property.

During the city inspection process, you will be subjected to a series of inspections and re-inspections. We understand that this is an inconvenience which is why we want to make the process as quick and painless as possible. Please note that the owner of the property is mandated and required by the city to have each property city certified. The purpose is to ensure that your property is safe and secure. 

Please see the city certification process below:

  1. Inspection(s) Coordination: Manager will notify the tenant of the inspections needed and coordinate a time(s) for the inspection(s). Inspections times are usually in four block time windows (usually 9am-12pm & 12pm-4pm). 

  2. General Home Inspection: During the time of your inspection, a Priority One home inspector will be coming out to the home as well to perform the general home inspection. This is a brief video/picture walk through of the property. Videos and pictures of the current condition of the property will be sent to the owner to show the current condition of the home. The Priority One inspector will also be present during the lead-based paint and city inspections as well to take pictures of repair items required by those inspections.  We ask that prior to the inspection(s) that tenants keep there premises clean as well as all walkways clear of any debris. Please Note: Property upkeep is a vital part of your lease agreement. Any unsatisfactory or unsanitary conditions reported from ANY home inspection can result in eviction. Please keep the property clean.

  3. Lead Based Paint Inspection( Detroit Tenants Only): Properties that are located in the city of Detroit are also required to obtain a Lead Based Paint Clearance Certificate along with the Certificate of Occupancy. A certified lead inspector will come out to the property to asses any lead based paint hazards. If the inspection reports shows lead based paint hazards, they will be remedied during the time of the inspection repairs. Please Note: If it is discovered that extreme lead based paint hazards exists, tenants may need to vacate the home until the hazards have been addressed. In these cases, we will work with the tenants on a feasible solution.

  4. City Inspection: The city inspector performs the inspection and sends inspection report of repairs needed.

  5. Inspection Repairs: Once we receive the inspection report(s) and the repairs are approved by the property owner,the maintenance staff will coordinate with the tenant to perform the repairs. 

  6. Re-Inspection- Once repairs are made, the city and/or lead inspector will have to re-inspect the property to ensure the property repairs are completed. 

  7. Inspection Approval- If the inspector deems the property repairs are completed. The process is complete. 

  8. Inspection Failure- If for some reason, the inspector deems the property repairs incomplete, the Manager shall remedy any outstanding items not covered. 

  9. Inspection Failure Re-Inspection- The inspector will come and re-inspect the incomplete property repair items. Once approved, the process is complete. 


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